In 1969, Patsy “Pat” Aguanno founded Fairway Testing Co. Inc. and began operations as a construction materials testing and inspection agency serving lower New York State, northern New Jersey, and southwestern Connecticut.

Nearly 50 years later, Fairway is still a family-owned company, now led by co-owners Pat Aguanno and his daughters, Amy Aguanno DeEntremont and Lisa Aguanno Rose. We have always taken our business seriously – combining solid, personal client relations with state-of-the-art equipment and technology. All administrative and operational duties, as well as laboratory material testing, are conducted at our Stony Point offices.

We provide a comprehensive menu of test methods and have earned an impressive list of lab and personnel certifications. Service has always been the watchword for Fairway, where field and laboratory teams provide diversified, hands-on experience. A professional engineer directly oversees every project, and is available for consultation throughout every phase. Fairway Testing operates as a close-knit team, each member contributing targeted expertise to support the overall effort. Meet the key players:

Pat Aguanno

Pat Aguanno, founder, has devoted his career to building and maintaining a company that meets and exceeds his high professional standards. A licensed engineer in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, he is the CEO of Fairway Testing. Prior to forming Fairway Testing, he was a design engineer at Blaw Knox (in Pittsburgh), a topographic surveyor in the U.S. Army stationed in San Francisco, and a quality control engineer for the NY State Department of Transportation in Poughkeepsie. He subsequently became a plant and quality control engineer at Precast Concrete Plant in Haverstraw, NY. He earned his BS in Civil Engineering from his beloved Villanova University, where in 2015 he received the College of Engineering Professional Achievement Award. A lifelong resident of Rockland County, he was named Dominican College’s Man of the Year in 2010.

Lisa Aguanno Rose

Lisa Aguanno Rose, Co-Owner and Secretary to the Board, joined Fairway Testing in 1989 and became a shareholder in 2013. A graduate of Berkley College business program in White Plains, NY, she implements HR management strategies that enable the company to recruit, train, and retain a high-performing and motivated workforce. Turnover at Fairway Testing is minimal, due largely to Lisa’s expertise in understanding the needs and encouraging the development of employees.

Amy Aguanno DeEntremont

Amy Aguanno DeEntremont, Co-Owner and President to the Board, joined the company in 1990 and became a shareholder in 2013. Amy graduated from Seton Hall University with a BSBA in Marketing, and is responsible for the day-to-day operation of Fairway Testing. She oversees all finance, information technology, contract management and administrative activities, and works closely with the engineers to help develop and implement the company’s vision and strategies.

Gabe O’Connell

Gabe O’Connell, Vice President of Engineering/Technical Manager, oversees the day-to-day technical operations, including directing and performing field inspections, laboratory tests, and creating detailed reports. He also manages the Quality System, notably equipment calibrations and maintenance, as well as personnel training and evaluations. Gabe has a BS in mathematics (Mount Saint Mary College in Newburg NY), and a BS in Civil Engineering with a minor in Environmental Engineering (Manhattan College in Riverdale NY). He joined Fairway in 1992 as a Field Inspector, and in 2000 became Vice President of Engineering/Technical Manager. A New York State licensed engineer, he is certified as a Concrete Laboratory Testing Technician, ACI Concrete Field Testing Technician, NICET Soils, NICET Concrete, ICC Special Inspector Soils, ICC Special Inspector Reinforced Concrete, ICC Steel and Bolting Special Inspector and NYCMA QC/QA Technician HMA.

Jerry Keahon

Jerry Keahon, Client Relations Representative, has a long and respected reputation within the construction industry based on his commitment to client satisfaction. He is an important and valued addition to Fairway’s team, to assure that our services are always provided respective to, and respectful of, our clients’ needs and concerns.



From left to right: Jerry Keahon, Lisa Rose, Amy DeEntremont, Gabe O’Connell, Patsy Aguanno

From left to right: Jerry Keahon, Lisa Rose, Amy DeEntremont, Gabe O’Connell, Patsy Aguanno