Lab and Personnel Certifications

Fairway Testing has been in business for over 40 years and holds current laboratory certification with AASHTO, NVLAP, U.S. Corps of Engineers, NYC DOB and others. Our field and laboratory inspectors have certifications by ICC, ACI, NYSDOT, FAA and many other personnel certifications.


      • Professional Engineer – New York, New Jersey, Connecticut
      • ICC Special Inspectors
      • ACI Inspectors
      • Windsor Probe Operators
      • Nuclear Gage Operators
      • NYS DoT Concrete and Asphalt Plant Inspectors
      • FAA Laboratory Technicians
      • SWPPP Inspectors
      • EIFS Inspectors
      • CWI Inspectors
      • Ultrasonic Inspectors
      • Liquid Penetrant/Magnetic Partical Technicians
      • NICET
      • HAZMAT
      • NYS Asphalt Pavement Association Certification
      • NJ Society of Asphalt Technologists Certification
      • Hudson Valley Society of Asphalt Technologists Certification



Fairway Testing field and laboratory technicians undergo extensive training to be able to perform quality inspection and testing services.Technicians are also evaluated regularly to maintain the knowledge gained during training.